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Don’t Let Plans For Your Dream Home Turn Into A Nightmare

Finally getting the opportunity to build that dream home that you’ve always desired is no doubt an exciting venture. After a painstaking search far and wide for a team of architects who can help transform your vision into a reality, the moment finally arrives, and your plans are put in motion.

However picture this: as things progress, despite careful planning and assurance that the plans for the house will fall safely inside the confines of your budget, you start having doubts that you’ll ever be able to feasibly afford to go ahead with the plan. You’re already out thousands on the plan itself, and by the time you go through the hassle of getting everything approved by the council (which carries another hefty fee on top), you’re left wondering how you ended up with a house plan weighing in at over $10,000 that you can’t even afford to build.

Not only will you have to consider that plan as a sunk cost, but you’ll likely have to start over at square one. If there’s one way to put a damper on the experience of planning and building your own home, failing at the planning stage due to no fault of your own is probably the worst of the lot.

The disappointing reality of house plans is that a whopping 70% of them never come to fruition. That’s nearly 3 out of 5 homeowners-to-be who have their dreams crushed due to improper planning, poor communication, and complete budget blowouts on behalf of rogue architects.

You may have simply had the misfortune of choosing an architect who values their own reputation higher than anything else – ignoring your input, creating the plan by their rules, and handing it off with no interest in ever seeing it built. Or maybe you jumped the gun, choosing the first team you came across and let them take the reigns completely, without asking any questions about steadily rising costs or other aspects that have been swept under the rug. You may have received a hugely lowballed cost estimate from the architect without seeking out a builder or surveyor to double check the facts. Getting a second opinion from a builder who knows their stuff is a definite way to know if your plan is doomed from the beginning, and is a step that all future homeowners should take. Regardless of how the situation can unfold, proper plans are critical if you ever want to see your dream home through to construction.

When the quotes start rolling in and they’re well outside your budget, you’ll wish you had a helping hand the first time around.

At Hylton, we take the time to hand pick designers and architects who deliver a well rounded plan for your home, whilst keeping your specified budget front and centre. We do charge, but the cost is negligible when you consider the potential thousands that could be going down the drain. And, as an added bonus, we’ll refund our charge from deposit when you build with us. Don’t let plans for your dream home turn into a nightmare.

To get your home plan for 2020 started, call 0418 858 585 or email us at info@hylton.com.au.

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