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Stemming from generations of builders, our extensive experience in the Melbourne Northern Suburbs allows us to provide exceptional quality in a diverse range of services including new & custom homes, home extensions & renovations, and property developments.

rest assured that our team here at Hylton Constructions is equipped with enough experience to complete your project to the best possible degree.

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At Hylton Constructions, we pride ourselves on being one of the best builders Melbourne Northern suburbs has to offer. Our commitment to transparency, honesty and collaboration genuinely differentiates us from other builders in the Melbourne Northern suburbs.

Our philosophy at Hylton is to provide our clients with advice, guidance and recommendations on how they can get the absolute most out of their project so their dream home can come to fruition with minimal speed bumps along the way. No matter the scope of the project, rest assured, your best interests are always front of mind and over the course of your journey, you will see why we are one of the premier builders Melbourne Northern suburbs has to offer.

Our vast experience and presence building in the Northern suburbs has allowed us to understand the area exceptionally well. We know the various hurdles presented, the suitable themes and designs within the area, and we have developed relationships with many local suppliers who provide us with exclusive rates.


This simple video explains one tip to ensure you are spending your precious resources in the best way, without losing any money when building your dream home. We also outline what you should discuss with your Melbourne Northern suburbs builders.

Get 5 more FREE tips below and build with peace of mind!

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Why do we love building in the North-Eastern Suburbs?

We believe the Northern Suburbs is one of the most exciting areas in Melbourne. Put simply, the area is home to amazing suburbs, communities, culture and most importantly, the people are great. 

Our team has grown up in and around the Northern Eastern suburbs and it is a place that is very special to us. With many of our teams families being actively involved in the local sporting clubs, communities, and schools, it is an area that we have developed strong roots with and our relationships spread far and wide in the broader communities.

More specifically, being a Melbourne Northern suburbs builders for over 20 years has helped as learn a wealth of knowledge and experience about the area that we believe separates us from other builders in the Melbourne Northern Suburbs. 

Ps. The dining and eating in the Northern suburbs as absolutely second to none!Check out some of the amazing restaurant and dining spots here ;).

1. Plan

Planning is the most important step of the build. A great step by step plan equals a great home.

New Homes North Melbourne - Plan

2. Design

Where our point of difference really shines, we provide our expert advice on how to design your home to get the most out of your budget. Again, we work close with you to build your new home in Melbourne North.

3. Build

The most exciting part, this is where we get to see your new home in Melbourne North come to life! 

Builders North Melbourne - Build

At Hylton Constructions, we work closely with you to build the dream home you’ve always wanted. There is no just working off the plan and us building based on what we think you would like. We go through the entire process with you to give you the home you want to bring your family up in, retire in and have your grandkids around in.


If you want the ultimate summer entertainer, a timeless boutique design or outstanding luxury, we work through the process with you to reach your ultimate goal and build a dream home.

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Covid-19 Update

Dear Home Builder,

Welcome. I am Dean, Director and Owner of Hylton Constructions.

In these uncertain times, I want to go above and beyond and share my 20+ years of building expertise with the local Preston community and the surrounding suburbs completely obligation free! I cannot stress the importance of this message enough:

The most important step in building your dream home on time and on budget is actually right now, the planning phase.

That is why, for the duration of the coronavirus period, I am offering a 30 minute consultation call… absolutely free. In the 30 minute call, you will have the opportunity to chat one-on-one with me over the phone or zoom and I will put you onto the right path for a successful building process and ensure you don’t waste any of those precious savings!

I hope to hear about your project soon,

Dean Adams