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Hylton Constructions Covid-19 Update

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Hi, I’m Dean from Hylton Constructions. What an awkward time it is in the world at the moment. We hope everyone is looking after themselves, saying safe and isolated. The building industry, at the moment, is still going full steam ahead. We’re all aiming to try to deliver those homes and projects for all of the clients out there on time, and hoping we can manage what may come our way as best as we possibly can.

At the moment, it’s a bit up and down. We’re trying to be positive. So the things that you can do at home yourselves now, is maybe look at utilizing the time that we might have at home to help plan for your future project.

Let’s face it, down the track, we may need some home-extensions due to having children or having an elderly member shift in with you, and you need to do it. So let’s try to be positive and look forward to that process.

Spend the time whilst you’re at home and use it wisely. Make contact with us. Our team is still operating. We will be working remotely. You can contact us via FaceTime and Zoom and Skype or whatever other means, but we’re always here to take your call.

So please, look after yourself and be safe. And if you need any help, give me a call. I’m Dean from Hylton Constructions, your local builder.

Stay well.

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