At Hylton constructions we pride ourselves on transparency which translates to an amazing experience when you’re building your custom homes.



We know budget, timeline and quality are the 3 biggest hurdles in building.



So how do we guarantee an amazing experience? 



With our 7 step framework of success.


  1. Weekly catch up with you.

  2. You’re involved in every step of the process and you have the final sign off.

  3. Work on the must list first, then work on the wish list, this ensures we don’t go over budget.

  4. Don’t ever want to sacrifice quality, however will always work to the budget.

  5. We have a clear contract set, which helps provide guarantees.

  6. We use Builder Trend online software to manage budget, scheduling & timelines which you have access to.

  7. Work to working day schedule, which we are required to remain accountable too.



See our testimonials to see what our clients think of their experience with us.