Hylton Constructions

Our Framework: 7 Steps to Success

Over 20 years of experience not only means we provide high quality custom builds, it also means we have faced a lot of the challenges that may be presented along the way and we know how to minimise them or address them.

We understand that budget, quality and timelines are generally some of the most important factors in a build and our 7 step success program listed below helps put your mind at ease throughout the whole building process.

The 7 Steps to Success

  1. Weekly catch up with you.
  2. You’re involved in every step of the process and you have the final sign off.
  3. Work on the must list first, then work on the wish list, this ensures we don’t go over budget.
  4. We never sacrifice quality, however we always work to the budget. We utilise relationships with local suppliers to negotiate fair and reasonable prices.
  5. We have a clear contract set, which helps provide guarantees.
  6. We use Builder Trend online software to manage budget, scheduling & timelines which you have access to.
  7. We work to a working day schedule, which we are required to remain accountable too.