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With over 20 years of experience in New Home Developments in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs, we are fully equipped with the experience and knowledge to tackle any project thrown at us. This makes us one of the best New Home Development Builders in Melbourne.

We build a landmark,
Not a statistic.

When it comes to new home developments in Northern Melbourne, we want to build a memory. Our philosophy at Hylton is to provide our clients with advice, information and recommendations on how they can make the absolute most out of their budget and get the keys to their dream home. From day one, we will listen, communicate and provide our expertise to ensure when everything is said & done, you are able to have something that you can truly call ‘your home’.



Our team will guide you through the journey and ensure that your best interests are always attended and we are constantly working towards bringing your vision to reality. 

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Why Hylton Constructions?

Our commitment to transparency, honesty and collaboration genuinely differentiates us from other new homes builders. Our dedication to work closely with you will ensure that we can build the dream home you’ve always wanted with no surprises along the way.

Through our extensive experience, we have learned that  budget, timeline, and quality are the 3 biggest hurdles in new home developments in Melbourne.

So how do we address these hurdles and guarantee an amazing experience for you?

With our very own 7 step framework for success that is tried and tested on over 20 years worth of new home developments.

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