Hylton Constructions

Have you ever had a project not go ahead
because the quote from the builder was too high?


Have you ever had backlash from clients once
they received builder quotes?

Why we're doing this.

Dear Designer,

When we talk with architects & designers, we often hear that upon completing their designs, the job goes out to builders to tender so they can deliver the good old 3 quote option to your client.

But on almost 100% of the jobs we get, we find out from the client that the result is not within their budget, which leaves them disappointed and extremely frustrated that they weren’t informed during the process.

Unfortunately, this is a lose-lose situation for both builders and designers.

I often remind designers that they are not expected to have a crystal ball. There are so many variables in building a home and the designer shouldn’t be expected to know what the final cost is going to be.

We are getting an overwhelming amount of feedback from people that their preference is to collaborate with a builder throughout the design process to avoid the sunken costs and wasted plans.

At the end of the day, us builders have the relationship with the trades & suppliers, not the designers or quantity surveyors.

Hylton Constructions, as a builder, have great relationships with local trades and suppliers which lets us bring a competitive quote to the client. We factor in aspects such as price increases, assessment of quality level required, project risk, prelim costs, site constraints, supply factors and all of the other variables.

Here at Hylton, we want to provide you with a win-win that sees:

  1. Your designs come to life, every time
  2. No wasted plans for the client and therefore a happy client for you
  3. No “price shock” for the client (an even happier client for you)
  4. A smooth process from design to construction (a referring client for you).

Introducing the Solution..
Our Cost Analysis package.

Cost Analysis Package

Benefits For You

Total cost = $2,000 (inc GST.)

The ultimate goal of this package:

Happy designers, clients & Builders 100% of the time forver... and ever