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Finally getting the opportunity to build your dream home is no doubt an exciting venture, and here at Hylton, we want nothing more than to be able to see the smile on your face as we hand over the keys to your new home. However, we are big on transparency, and unfortunately we see a this scenario play out a little too often; tens of thousands of dollars are spent on house plans that don’t come to fruition due to an insufficient budget. Meaning they are most likely a sunken cost and you need to start back at square one.

Our aim is to educate you with the real costs of building a home from the start.

Our custom home calculator below provides an estimate price guide to help you understand the costs of building a home in Melbourne, in 2020. With over 20 years of experience, we believe, we are very knowledgable team of builders Melbourne northern suburbs has to offer and we hope this will provide you with some clarity, save some time and potentially a lot of money. 

Sincerely, The Hylton Constructions team.


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