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Why You Should Be Building a ‘Greener’ Home

Climate change has become quite the hot topic recently, and for good reason. While you may have taken some steps to reduce your own footprint on the environment already, such as lowering water usage or switching out your air-con unit for one that’s more efficient, an emerging trend lately is enlisting the help of a builder to plan and construct a ‘greener’ home. Not only can you give yourself a pat on the back for doing your part to save the environment and live healthier & happier as a result, but there are also some additional surprising benefits, such as increasing the overall value of your property, and lowering the operating cost of your home. Read on to discover why you should consider building a more sustainable home for the future.

A Greener Home Is A Higher Valued Home

Believe it or not, building your home with the environment in mind can actually drastically increase the value of your property. The reasoning behind this is quite simple – as a more environmentally conscious generation is coming of age and making their way into the property market, the desire for sustainable aspects and features of a house has risen at an unprecedented rate. In fact, many sustainable house features are now seen as ‘must-haves.’ If your house is environmentally sustainable, the value will continue to rise as climate change becomes a more prevalent topic.

Sustainable Houses Are Cheaper

In The Long Run The whole principle behind using sustainable homes is that they use less of the Earth’s precious resources, and promote recycling as much as possible. So, it should be of no surprise that living in a sustainable, eco friendly home means that your bills will be cut down dramatically. There are various aspects to your home that you can alter to be more eco-friendly, such as asking your builder about your options in building a roof suitable for a solar panel setup, or constructing rooms in a way where more natural light can seep inside. While you may be paying a premium for the initial set up, rest assured that you’ll be saving money at the end of the day, and saving the environment while you do it!

You’re Promoting A Healthier Indoor Environment

For You & Your Family Let’s face it – many common building materials are questionable in regards to safety, and many contain hazardous and toxic substances. If you take the next step and choose to build with eco-friendly materials, not only are you making your home a safer place for your family to live in due to factors such as increased air quality, but you’re also avoiding pollutants from building materials and byproducts from utility operation from entering the atmosphere, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

You’ll Feel Good About Doing Your Bit

And finally, there’s a sense of achievement in knowing you did the right thing. Building a home can be taxing on the environment, when you take into account all of the machinery used (and their emissions), land disturbance, and numerous other factors. So, give yourself a round of applause for doing your bit, and enjoy the healthier and happier lifestyle that you’ve given yourself and your family! 2020 is well and truly underway, but it’s still early days to be planning your dream project!

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