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What are the benefits of building a sustainable home?

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(Dean): Are people asking questions at the moment about energy rating in the efficiency of homes?

(Ben): It’s becoming almost a hot topic at the moment. So if we’re looking at, say, a custom home like this, or we’re selling something off the plan, for example, one of the sections of the information sheet of the detail that I’ll provide is, how energy efficient is the home? So let’s look at the insulation. Is there any solar system in place? How do the systems all run together? It’s something that people are placing a greater emphasis on. I mean, one of the topics that rightly disagree or agrees, is climate change, but I think whether you agree or disagree with that happening, there is a common theme amongst people in the world right now to try and consider more energy efficient options. So having them available, and knowing about them and how they work, is really important to consider in your new home build, home extension, or development. It’s also something that you should chat about with your local builder in the early phases.

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