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Why did you become a Preston Builder?

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Why did you become a Preston builder? Or why did you want to become a Preston builder?

I went to our family farm, and I couldn’t fix a door, so I just cracked it and started learning how to do stuff, and I went to TAFE and ended up a carpenter. So yeah. The door’s fixed.


I didn’t really know what I wanted to do to just to begin with. And then my pop was a Preston builder, and he built my first house. And then I sort of just tried it out, and just fell in love with it.

I like the progression that you see at the end of the day, as each day goes past.


I’ve just always liked doing hands on things. I can’t see myself sitting at an office or doing something like– I want to be able to say like, oh, I made this.

Looking for a Preston Builder?
You've come to the right place!

We are your local Preston builders!

With much of our team growing up or living in close proximity to Preston, we are a team you can’t go past when it comes to builders Preston has to offer.

Over 20 years of experience has taught us a wealth of local knowledge and expertise enabling us to conquer many of the challenges that may present themselves throughout your project. We believe, this holds us in a very favourable position over other Preston builders.

Our rich history in Preston has given us the opportunity to develop strong relationships and connections with local tradesmen and suppliers. As a result, rest assured that your home will be built with the highest quality, on time & on budget.

Why build in Preston?

Located only 9km out of the Melbourne CBD, Preston boasts an overwhelming sense of community with a multicultural mix of trendy cafes, old-school markets, luscious parks and art.

With a median house price of $958,000, Preston is host to a diverse range of homes including large period homes, modern homes and neatly designed apartments. Given its proximity to Melbourne and extensive public transportation, it appeals to both families and singles and it is not surprising that new home builders in Preston are becoming heavily sought after.

Find more information about Preston here!

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