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3 Tried and True Tips for Choosing The Right Builder

Oftentimes, selecting the right team to plan and create your home can feel a little bit like the AFL  Draft Season.

Builder “A” assures you that their roofing is done to a higher standard than anybody else in Melbourne, but when push comes to shove, you discover that they’re charging a substantial amount more than Builder “B”, and the end results don’t look all that different. Builder “C” might throw in a few added bonuses to get ahead of the pack, but you’ve already called him twice this week, and despite the text he sent at 10:30 PM the night before assuring you that he’ll get back to you ASAP, all signs point to him doing a runner on you instead.

The constant back and forth and second-guessing involved in creating your very own ‘dream team’ can make it quite a stressful endeavour. The usual line of thinking is that with enough planning and consideration, all of the moving parts will come together like a well oiled machine where communication is plentiful, things get done on time, and the project moves seamlessly from start to finish. But all it takes is one bad player to send the whole project down the drain.

While these aren’t absolutely essential to seeing your dream home through to completion, here are 3 tried and true characteristics of a good builder to help you finalise your team.

1. They’re in constant communication

You know the saying – “communication is key,” and building is no exception. A builder who calls you on speed-dial every time some concrete gets poured might be a stretch, but a good amount of communication between both parties cannot be overlooked. If there’s a significant development that could affect your plans, you should be the first to know about it. Builders who take the project into their own hands, forgetting to include you completely, and ending with you shouting into your phone after you hit his voicemail four times in one day, should be avoided at all costs.

2. They’re organised

Even though building is no job for an office paper-pusher, it does come with a lot of paperwork included. Think about it: you’ve got the contracts, the budget document, plans… the list goes on. While it’s easy to think of those documents as a formality, letting them fall to the wayside is a scenario that can cause nothing but headaches down the track. Sudden price hikes in a certain material or finding concrete in a place that there shouldn’t be any won’t be a concern if you choose a builder who not only keeps a good record of paperwork, but abides by it at all times.

3. They’re up front with costs

Nobody likes someone who over promises and underdelivers. A builder who is up front with you about costs and takes the time to explain why certain elements may be more pricey than others, is someone you want on your team. If something will cost more than the initial quote, rather than you finding out through a random email, a builder who calls with an explanation is one who really cares about seeing the project through. Avoid complete budget blowouts and invest in a builder who keeps your budget in mind.

At Hylton, we do all of these things, and more. Rest assured, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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